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LIEBUSTERS has ignited a movement across the globe, helping thousands of people remove blockages and forever transition their relationship with themselves, with God and with others into the ONENESS that Jesus spoke of in John 17. 

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"Having been privileged to read the countless stories of those who have been Liebusted, as well as being Liebusted by Jonathan myself, I can say without qualification that this is a tool that the world needs."

Dr. Mark Stibbe - International Author and Speaker

Liebusters Book Description

The Liebusters Book is designed for people who are interested in God's power to set people free.  It contains 2 parts, 5 chapters in each.  

The first part covers the 5 stages that we have observed that God leads people through as he sets them free.  The five stages in the freedom journey are: From Slavery, to Sonship, to Kingship , to Oneness. Each stage is described with detailed theological support and with inspiring freedom stories.  In this first part you will learn how God seeks first to bring us into intimate relationship with Himself as Father God, we call this sonship.  Only when this is established can we discover our true God given purpose or responsibility, we call this kingship.  Finally and in accordance with Jesus last prayer in John 17 God calls us into oneness with Himself.

The second part of the Liebusters book covers the 5 step freedom process that facilitates the freedom journey described in part one. This simple 5 step freedom process described in detail, will allow you to practise on yourself as you read.  Many people have reported great freedom as a result of following the simple process as they read the Liebusters book.  

Two distinctive features of the Liebusters process, that relate to Jonathan and Helena Cavan's own story which is described in the book, are generational issues that affect us today.  Also parts of us that get stuck at certain ages at points of trauma, these stuck parts get triggered and cause us to self sabotage. These two distinctive features make the Liebusters process very powerful.  People familiar with Liebusters comment that it is simple, fast, gentle yet powerful! 

We do hope that you benefit greatly with what we have to share with you.
  • Read how senior Microsoft executive Jonathan's nail-biting work error resulted in the precious transformation of many corporate hearts
  • Get goose bump revelation as theological dots are connected for you revealing your true identity
  • Restore hope by learning the way out from being stuck by blockages
  • Shift the elephants in the room, unseen yet influencing, once and for all
  • Gain oneness with yourself, with others and with God so that you can live in peace and from rest
  • Receive then give to those you love so they can thrive and be blessed
  • ​Know your destiny and take action 


"Proof That LIEBUSTERS Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed Thousands OF Lives Around the World!"

LIEBUSTERS Has Already Helped Thousands Of Christians Globally

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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1.  Three Exclusive Videos That Will Rock Your World 

'I love you with a bushel and a peck' - Jesus to Amy
Watch Amy as Jesus lovingly sets her free from having to strive for approval and love, rooted in her great grand mother abandoning her kids.  She ends up in heaven with her daughter and the activation of many angelc helpers.
If your greatest need is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, this is for you!

Creative MIRACLE will leave you full of hope...
Watch Linden break off DISHONOUR that came on her bloodline 7 generations ago resulting in the lie 'Miracles are not for me'. She then received a miracle in an atmosphere of JOY with Jesus. The miracle was confirmed by a dental surgeon one week later.  
No words can describe this you will LAUGH and Laugh and be AMAZED!

Beautiful heavenly ENCOUNTERS await you...
Watch Susan get set free from UNCERTAINTY, rooted in trauma that happened to her ancestors 100 years ago. Her stuck 12 year old self being integrated. Released from CONFUSION Followed by a beautiful heavenly ENCOUNTER...
Lifetime of oppression gone in 20 minutes!

2.  HD Digital Download Of The LIEBUSTERS Oil Painting 

This Salvador Daliesque LIEBUSTERS oil painting entitled 'Spirit Temple' was given to author Jonathan Cavan as a prophetic surprise on the very day that LIEBUSTERS was launched in 2014.  It was a thank you gift from the artist who saw the image in the spirit above Jonathan's head at the end of receiving a powerful LIEBUST session months before. 

'Spirit Temple' represents the artist's own freedom journey from generational trauma that ravaged his marriage(s) and kept him from to being able to paint and fulfil his creative destiny.  This 5' wide painting represents over 1,000 hours of work! When the painting gets put on display at conferences, many people report that they're whacked just by looking at the picture - that God speaks to them meaningfully through it. 
  "A picture is worth a thousand words."

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When you buy the LIEBUSTERS book you are making a statement, 'I'm interested in FREEDOM'.  Well we want to honour that intent by inviting you to join our online learning community our 22:22 Family. This is our own private App where you can connect with others, access lots of great content, join a GROUP that weeks weekly and join our FREE introductory GLO Course.  We have 4  other paid courses that will allow you to both become free and also to set others free.

As You Can See...

Liebusters Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

I'm a shy 58 year old Englishman, so why on earth am I doing this?  When I got married 27 years ago, I had no idea that mine and Helena's baggage would weigh us down so heavily, for so long.  How could two people brought together from opposite sides of an ocean who loved each other so much, rub each other up the wrong way so hard ?! After 17 years of trying to smooth things out and reading the books, attending the marriage courses, talking to counsellors and receiving  hours of prayer ministry - to little or no avail - God heard our cries one night when we were at the end of our rope and told us two simple truths that changed everything. 
Our extremity truly is 
GOD'S opportunity.  
LIEBUSTERS is a miracle story because we're happier now than ever before.  
I'm sharing this NOW, so that everyone - including YOU - can easily learn the simple step-by-step Liebusters process that'll unlock and rescue your life too.  
God bless you, 
Jonathan Cavan
I guarantee that you'll find this book riveting! If not, I'll return your $22 and let you keep the book anyway.  Sound crazy? 
YES!! If you don't love it, you don't have to send anything back - just contact me and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.  Sound good?
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